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You and me, we’re heroes too

Sometimes I like to scribble down a few lines of poetry. Sometimes the lines are not bad and other times they are not really terribly good, I suppose, but they serve a purpose, at least at the time I write them.

Here’s one I always thought could be a song. It’s for the unsung heroes – all of us. We know who we are.

(I think it’s that aspirant 60s child in me coming out again…. )


You and me, we’re heroes too

Two warring leaders went to peace;

The world gave a ringing cheer.

Greenpeace waved the whaling finger

Their principles blindingly clear.

The cameraman fell in the gunfire;

He fell in a blaze of glory

And he, in a way, was lucky –

His, too, was a public story:

But unsung heroes are heroes too

And everyone knows at least one or two.


A medic died of ebola;

The media promptly went ape.

The Red Cross braved the conflicts as

The borders changed their shape.

Some single guy traversed Antarctica–

Quite alone, no dogs in sight

While back at home the babies cry

For solace in the night.

And single mothers are heroes too

And I say they deserve their due.


The boy-soldiers went to war on

The old men’s dashing whims

And of all the things that tap my tears

Disability’s the dreaded thing.

Yet we all of us have our crosses

And our losses, and our pain

And sorrow’s returning burden

Is the world’s oldest refrain:

So we just carry on; it’s what we do –

Yes, you and me: we’re heroes too.


copyright Vivienne Fouche 1996

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One thought on “You and me, we’re heroes too

  1. Lou on said:

    Hi there Viv
    Love your poem. How are you? Would love to catch up before your birthday? Love. Lou

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