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Dear God, we’re OUT of sherry!

It has been such a week on the homework front. With both children, it seemed like the homework load was just spiralling off into semi-unmanageable territory.

On a daily basis it has been h-e-a-v-y. I kid you not – daily.







We are talking projects to run with, both big and small.

boys projects August 2015

We are talking weekly tests and the need to crack the revision whip for Liam, who is blessed with enough brain cells that he has already mastered the fine art of ‘coasting’, and now needs to have this habit corrected.

We are talking newsletters from the school that need to be read and forms that need to be returned: Matthew, following in his big brother’s footsteps, has made the Under 8 hockey team and while this is a cause of celebration, Well done sweetheart! it comes with a lot of info to p-r-o-c-e-s-s. Maps. Indemnity forms. General information.








Sometimes it all just seems a bit much, especially at the end of a long day.

Last night we got home well after dark and had to do a lot of cutting up of cardboard and sticking of pictures. In short, we had to make up a set of cards for a memory game as part of Liam’s English curriculum. And Matthew had a speech to practise: ‘My life as a mosquito’ (yes, really).

And this was all over and above the homework that they’d already completed during the afternoon – but you see, Mom, aka moi, is the ‘speech expert’ and the ‘projects expert’, and fair enough: I do, mostly, enjoy these lateral moments of advanced learning.



But not so much last night.


It was fast approaching 8:30pm and I was wearily aware that I had not had a break since getting up many, many hours before. It was the third heavy homework night in a row. It was all just getting a bit much. Luckily, there is always Frasier to fall back on in a crisis, and so we did.

In our house, we love watching the Frasier series. We have every episode from season 1 to 11. And even though Frasier and his brother Niles and all the rest of the gang have been off air now for over a decade, in our house the humour still rules. It’s just so clever and the boys have grown up on it. (Winnie the Pooh who? Just kidding.)


So we put the cardboard away with the intention of finishing the mini-project in the morning (which we did).

And we put on Frasier once the boys were both bathed and ready to pop into bed.

And we watched an episode from one of the later seasons, and we laughed and we restored our energy.


frasier niles


The extract below shows why I like watching Frasier so much – this particular line just kills me every time!


Frasier: My show today was a fiasco. For the second day in a row,

we had virtually no callers. It’s getting harder and harder

to blame it on Roz.

Martin: Well, maybe you fixed everybody.

Frasier: Oh wait, there was one caller. My date for Saturday night

called to cancel because I am not her type. Oh, and guess

what? Her honesty was not refreshing.


Frasier picks up a bottle. It is empty.


Frasier: Dear God, we’re out of sherry. Insult… [placing the bottle

         down] made injury.


He goes to the kitchen. Martin follows.


(a little later in the episode)


Frasier opens the door to Niles.

Frasier: Niles.

Niles: Oh, Frasier, I have had… the worst day imaginable. I need a


Frasier: Brace yourself.

Niles: [noticing the empty bottle] You always think it’s going to

happen to someone else…



And there’s the point. Sometimes bad days do happen to good people.

And when you are out of sherry, as I have been for some years now actually, wine is a marvellous plan B.


But if any of my friends would like to buy me sherry again at any point, I seem to recall that I liked that expensive stuff from the UK that came in that beautiful blue bottle… #JustSaying






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2 thoughts on “Dear God, we’re OUT of sherry!

  1. Retha van der Watt (Platinum Life) on said:

    Loved loved loved this piece! Could so very much relate to it. When they warned us that the baby days were actually the easy season, I did not believe them. Boy, was I mistaken!
    A case of sherry can sometimes not be enough. School is HARD. There are days when I really just want to run away. And in fact, have done exactly that. Threw my hands up in the air and said “well, you can do it all yourself”. And left them to do it. Alas, it did us no good. It tripled my guilt factor by at least a million per cent and their marks took a nose dive.

    So I’m very glad you have Frasier and wine to help get you through it. Eleven seasons might just be enough to get you through grade 4. But don’t count on it. Grade 4 is HAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDDDDD. And I am doing it two years in a row now.

    Get a back up. Friends, maybe. All seasons of it. And Sex in the City. ER. Northern Exposure. In fact, every series you can lay your hands on.

    Lots of love

  2. I would love to buy you a bottle of sherry. Unfortunately, I don’t know the blue bottle type, but no matter.

    Even without kids, I heartily endorse the Frasier-and-a-glass-of-sherry moments. Mine are Firefly and wine, but the purpose remains the same – to lighten the heart. May Frasier be not quite as necessary, but quite as appreciated, in years to come!

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