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A little bucket of chardonnay

Here’s a poem for the ‘dining club’ ladies and all those other wonderful people in my life (you know who you are) who, with me, enjoy moments that bring together wine, cooking and friends. It’s a little frivolous –  I wrote it one day when I was really not in the mood for a Monday. Well, today is a Monday and I wish it wasn’t – but we can still dream of weekends and good times to come! Cheers, y’all. Happy days to you!

Cheers through rosy-tinted glasses...

A little bucket of chardonnay

Sun’s coming up and traffic’s calling

Over the hills and far away

Sun’s arriving and I’m feeling

Grumpy-tired as this new day

Beckons me onward into the city

Humanity, ant-like, bustling along

Obligations got to be answered

But tonight I’ll sing a different song, and….

A little bucket of chardonnay

Always takes the edge away!

A song of friendship and relaxing,

A song to warm the inner soul

A song of cooking, wine and chat,

A song for feeling once more whole

And so, my friends, to food and wine

The grapes of solace, laughter, tears

The conversation’s ebb and flow

That sorts out all those little fears

And a little goblet of soft merlot

Spins me into high from low!

So forget the business of the day

Take up your glass and fill it full

With friendship, laughter, life and love

Gifts to self, and tools to pull

Joy from sorrow, smiles from strife

Relax! It’s time for letting go

Restoring reason and its rhyme

Balancing the status quo

And a bottle shared, be it red or white

Can lift a gloom and bring on light! 

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