I do my best thinking while driving. I drive a Fiat Panda.

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Finding the joy

I realised recently that I need to find joy again, in and of myself. Joy that is just mine.

So here are some of my suggestions: To me, from me.

  • Take small moments of rest when you can.
  • Listen to music (always fun – sometimes my little Panda positively rocks the road in traffic!).
  • Enjoy the purring of a cat (or two at the same time, or even three or four, when you live in our house).
  • Write more (doing it right now).
  • Paint more. Pick UP that paintbrush and mix those paints!


  • Follow your creative ideas.
  • Read (this is an easy win, but oh so effective).
  • Take time out with friends (you know who you are).
  • Play with your dogs. Nobody does the ‘happy dance’ like Sasha, and nobody creeps onto a lap quite so well as Nickelback.

Happy dance

  • Cook meals with meaning.
  • Read to Liam and Matthew (we need a new series after the Narnia Chronicles now).
  • Walk in the park – with or without dogs.

In the park

  • Fix my bicycle and start cycling again.
  • Enjoy chocolate and wine. Two of life’s great pleasures…
  • Remember the restorative power of a facial!
  • Make more effort with fashion, girlfriend.
  • Don’t forget about movies, DVDs and the theatre. God bless the Minions… (and their creators)

minions T Rex

  • Embrace technology more and remind yourself that you are actually better than you give yourself credit for.


And sometimes… Just Be.






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